Campaign Platform

Our vision is pretty simple. 

We acknowledge that Mansfield is continually changing and growing, and we want To Help Mansfield Thrive, by:

  1. Engaging the community and encouraging their participation in keeping the city and our citizens safe, happy,  healthy and informed. 
  1. Ensuring that our children are getting access to the most effective resources to help them grow into healthy and productive adults – whatever form that productivity takes. 
  1. Finding ways to help small businesses cope, survive and thrive during these historic times.

We intend to canvas missions, teachers, students, small business and various other groups in the area, to understand their situation, and exactly what resources would be most effective moving forward.

The next step is to identify solutions that have worked in other cities around the country that have allowed their citizens to thrive and overcome the challenges that they may face at this time, and for what we believe will be a significant amount of time into the future.

Where it makes sense, we would either introduce programs to assist, encourage community involvement or work with organizations that have experience in specialized areas to help our diverse community grow and thrive.